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What is Astro?

Astro is a lightweight, composable, and themeable React component library. Astro was created to help developers and designers create consistent, user-friendly, and accessible UIs across all Ping products.

Design Philosophy

Build world-class interfaces that make the power of advanced products plain and accessible.


  • Explain complexity
  • Simplify without concealing
  • Observational

  • Respond to validated problems
  • Verify assumptions about user behavior
  • Useful

  • Core interactions should be direct and natural
  • Delight users by making their crucial tasks easier
  • Unified

  • Focus on common interactions that can be broadly applied
  • Avoid creating unique flows
  • Development Philosophy

    The following principles charted the development process to create an interactive UI library.


  • Adhere strictly to the accessibility guidelines standardized in WCAG2.1
  • Give additional guidance and recommendations for other teams to follow the same protocol
  • Presentational

  • Build components containing only logic and state as a requirement to function
  • Fetching/sending data is outside the scope of this application
  • Composable

  • Complex components should be composed of simpler components
  • Discourage passing data as props to reduce the scope of responsibilities
  • Flexible

  • Strive to provide means to customize components
  • Methods such as props spreading, theming, and content slots give the developer vast options